how detoxifying skincare products really work

Do detoxifying skincare products work?

Short answer: no.

Long answer: sort of… Just not as you think.

Here’s what I mean:

What Detoxifying Skincare Products Imply

Detox: a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances.

That’s the dictionary definition of detox for you. So it follows that detoxifying skincare products have some magical properties that can somehow remove all those nasty toxins from your skin.


That’s NOT how your body works. Your skin is NOT a detoxifying organ. You can’t remove toxins from it.

Good news: you don’t have to. Your body is so cool, it has its own inbuilt detox system: your liver and kidneys. Every day, they work hard to get rid of all the toxins that somehow make their way inside your body.

As long as they’re in good shape, you don’t need detoxifying skincare products, green juices or whatever other crap the detox industry is throwing at you.

Not even if you live in a big, polluted city like London or New York. A healthy lifestyle that keeps your own inbuilt detox system in top shape is your best defence against those nasty toxins.

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What Detoxifying Skincare Products Really Do

Skincare products can’t remove toxins. Not yet anyway.

But you know what they can do instead? They can get rid of dirt, excess sebum, dead cells and all the other crap that deposits on your skin during the day (and night).

You know where this is leading…

In skincare, detoxing has nothing to do with toxins. It just means “giving your skin a good clean”. If you use this definition, any cleanser, exfoliant and clay mask out there falls under the “detoxifying skincare products” umbrella!

Kinda disappointing, isn’t it?

But hey, at least you don’t need to splurge on special lotions and potions with the word “detox” plastered all over the packaging. Chances are, you’ve already got your own arsenal of detoxifying skincare products in your cabinet.

Phew! (I don’t know about you but another step in my skincare routine is the last thing I need).

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What “Detoxifying Skincare Products” You Really Need

Here are all the skincare products that can fall under the detoxifying umbrella. I bet you’re already using them all! 😉

The Bottom Line

Detoxifying skincare products can’t remove toxins from your body. But they can give your skin a good cleanse, getting rid of dirt, excess oil and grime.