• vampire facelift guide

    Vampire Facelift: Does It Work?

    Have you heard of the Vampire Facelift facial? Kim K made it famous when she posted a selfie with her blood covering her face. Looks more like a Halloween costume than a beauty treatment, if you ask me. And one I’m not sure I’ll ever get on board with. Call me a wimp, but the […]

  • sweat detoxify body myth

    Sweat It Out: Does Sweat Really Remove Toxins From Your Body?

    Can sweat detoxify your skin? I was talking to a friend the other day and she mentions it’s one of the perks of exercise. I disagree – and not just because I don’t sweat. And yes, I do exercise. I love a good workout session. It gives me energy, improves my mood, and keeps me […]

  • When Less Is More: How To Take Care Of Normal Skin

    What’s the best skincare routine for normal skin? And does normal skin even need a skincare routine? After all, if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. That’s how I feel about normal skin. You ladies have won the skincare jackpot. Your skin never pumps out too much oil. You don’t know what dryness and blemishes […]

  • 6 Anti-aging Myths, Busted!

    Can we talk about anti-aging myths for a second? I don’t know about you, but I’m so tired of false promises and bogus claims blown up of all proportions: 🤥 “Better than Botox!” 🤥 “Exercise those facial muscles, like you would your abs!”. 🤥 “Moisturize daily and you’ll look 10 years younger”. That’s just some […]

  • skincare ingredient combinations that work better together

    What Is The Right Order To Apply Skincare Products?

    Wondering what the best skincare routine order is? It’s a jungle out there. Gone are the days when skincare was easy. Cleanse. Tone. Moisturise. Go out the door. Now you can’t leave the house without sunscreen. And an antioxidant serum or two. Plus, an exfoliant. And… what the heck are essences now?! Your skincare routine […]