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  • best kate somerville skincare products

    What Are The Best Kate Somerville Products?

    What are the best Kate Somerville skincare products? Hint: it’s not ExfoliKate. I know, hard to believe. But, like many popular products out there, it’s not all that’s hyped up to be. Exfolikate works, but it’s too harsh and fragranced to make the cut here. So where you should invest your hard-earned cash, instead? How […]

  • the best toners for sensitive skin

    The Best Toners For Sensitive Skin [2024]

    Ever wondered what are the best toners for sensitive skin? If you’re asking me (and if you’re here you are), if you have sensitive skin, you’re probably better off without toner. The more products you add to your skincare routine, the more chances something will irritate your skin. Ugh. The first products to avoid are […]

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    The Best Lactic Acid Exfoliants [2024]

    What are the best lactic acid exfoliants? Lactic acid is sort of the forgotten exfoliating acid. While everyone is obsessed with glycolic or salicylic acid for their abilities to fade away dark spots and treat acne, poor lactic acid is left on the sidelines. Like the player who never gets picked. Unless there’s an emergency. […]

  • niod modulating glucosides review

    The New Way To Soothe Sensitive & Irritated Skin

    Niod Modulating Glucosides… Gluco…what? Since when do you need a chemistry degree to buy skincare? Like, would you even pick it off the shelf if you had no idea what it did? Probably not. And that’s a shame. Because, if you have eczema, rosacea, sensitive skin that gets all red and irritated easily or just […]