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    Peptides In Skincare: Do They Really Work?

    Do peptides in skincare work? This is the million dollar question. Just a quick online search brings up thousands of articles claiming they firm your skin, reverse the signs of aging, and even make you coffee (ok, maybe they don’t do that, yet). At a cost. The aisles of Sephora may be full of peptide […]

  • 4 Anti-Aging Ingredients That Don’t Work

    In a skincare world where every product promises to turn the clock back 20 years, have you ever wondered what anti-aging ingredients DON’T work? I started asking myself this question the day I saw my first crow’s feet. I was in my bathroom, washing my face as usual. I glanced nonchalantly at the mirror and […]

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    Spotlight On Coenzyme Q10: Is It An Effective Antioxidant?

    What are the benefits of Coenzyme Q10 for skin? I remember seeing this ingredient all over Nivea creams when I was a teen – and Nivea was the only thing I could afford on my non-existent skincare budget. Then, it sort of disappear from the skincare radar for a while… only to make a comeback […]